🎶No one asked, I just thought I'd tell you anyway🎶
  1. I really do love music.
  2. But I'm kind of willy-nilly about it.
  3. Actual music lovers must hate me.
  4. Because when people ask me what music I like, it takes me at least 5 minutes to think of who I actually do listen to and then I'm like "umm Jimmy Eat World? I love the Futures album. Have they put new music out since then?"
    They have. I had to google it. I don't think I've heard any of them.
  5. I'm a little uncommitted and all over the place.
  6. (Except for Adele. I mean, who ISN'T committed to Adele?)
    Voldemort. That's it.
  7. I mostly listen to NPR in the car and I'm really lazy and intimidated about keeping up with music.
  8. So if I was going to try to explain what I like and who I listen it's best explained in three words:
  12. She is perfect.
  13. Every single album. Every single song.
    Live. Bootlegs. Grainy YouTube videos.
  14. I put her on Spotify and I'm like, shuffle away, free mobile Spotify, you can't play a single song I won't enjoy.
  15. She is magic.
  16. If you disagree I can only assume it's because you've never listened to her. Or you hate music. And feelings. And perfection.
  17. (And she's so stinkin' sweet and beautiful.)
  18. When people go through heartbreak I prescribe Brandi, but to use with caution because she's as potent as she is healing.
  19. So there you go.
  20. Now excuse me, I'm going to continue my rainy day Brandi binge. 🌧🌬🎸🎶