When everything seems fairly plausible given the "reality" of the story as we've agreed to it and then comes that one little thing that drives me crazy...
  1. Rapunzel's Healing Powers
    Her hair has healing powers and Flynn cuts her hair and she loses her powers. Then he dies and her single tear on his cheek brings him back to life. I love Tangled but this is some shoddy magic.
  2. Jumanji's Ending
    It bothers me they all remember their former lives/alternate realities at the end even when everything is fixed. Can someone explain Schrödinger's Cat to me again?!
  3. Downton Abbey's Estate Laws
    The whole plot of the first 2 seasons is that Mary can't inherit the money and Matthew gets all of it. Fast forward to their marriage and Matthew's death and she inherits his half of the entire estate and they never say another word about it. I'm assuming the loophole is that it's the money that he invested rather than Cora's but it all seems suspiciously easy to me.
  4. Rory Gilmore's Party Planning
    How did she pay for that huge party she threw for Lorelai with the world's largest pizza (sort of)?! She was an unemployed high school student!
  5. Hermione's Time-Turner
    PofA is my favorite so this doesn't bother me too much but I do find it highly unlikely that the Ministry of Magic would actually let a student use a Time-Turner just for extra CLASSES in light of its powers to bring about explosive change.
  6. Daniel Tiger's Pants
    Not really part of the plot but definitely questionable. He wears pajama pants and snow pants but is pants-less on any other given day. Also, Daniel, Dad Tiger and Grandpere Tiger don't wear pants but Mom Tiger does. The inconsistency really upsets me.
  7. Little House On The Prairie's EVERYTHING
    Don't even get me started on the historical inaccuracies of this show.