Slow Cooker Recipes Because No One Feels Like Cooking Every Single Night

Rachel, I'm so sorry this took me so long! I don't use a lot of slow cooker recipes in the summer (they just seem made for lazy, cold nights) but in the fall/winter I usually make a crockpot meal about once a week. These are some we've tried and enjoyed. 🍽
  1. I LOVE this recipe. It has all the comfort of chicken soup but the lemon & fresh dill make it so zesty and I love that it calls for pastina (I hate with noodles in soup soak up all the delicious broth.) With any recipe that takes 6-8 hours I'd recommend prepping the veggies the night before to make it a little easier in the morning!
  2. Easy and a little different than the typical crockpot chicken.
  3. My favorite! It's sooo good. I prefer mashed potatoes to potatoes cooked with the roast so this is ideal for me.
  4. Not my favorite curry recipe because it uses curry powder instead of curry paste but still tasty and v easy
  5. Hearty and easy. My experience with slow cooker soups has been that they're pretty much fool-proof so pick ones with ingredients you like and you're almost guaranteed a delicious dinner.
  6. BBQ chicken
    Literally just chicken breasts and a bottle of BBQ sauce. Cook on low for 4-6 hours. Serve the chicken as is or shred for sandwiches or salad. You can make your own sauce or add other flavorings if you're feeling fancy.
  7. (I'm a little nervous that this isn't the right recipe) We recently did a Weight Watchers slow cooker lasagna that was a surprising hit at our house. I mean, my poor Italian grandmother probably spun in her grave but sometimes you just can't pass up the ease of a slow cooker.
  8. [In case you haven't noticed, I love New Leaf Wellness recipes! They're healthier than most slow cooker recipes and don't contain a lot of processed foods. I haven't tried them all but have liked all that I have tried. Definitely check them out!]
  9. That's all I can think of for now but I'll try to add to it later!