I have 4 nieces under the age of 4 and they are all surrounded by grandparents and other (younger) aunts and uncles who spoil them to death. I'm not really interested in spending a lot of money on yet another toy to add to the pile but I love giving them something I think they'll enjoy. So my mom and I made them these adorable tutus!
  1. Sewing experience not required. You just need to be able to use a pair of scissors and tie a knot.
    My mom is the sewing expert here but trust me, I am no seamstress. This is more "crafty" than anything else. It's also super affordable, tulle is usually less than $2 a yard at fabric stores.
  2. Buy several yards of tulle. For my little nieces I used 6 yards for each skirt- 2 yards of 3 different colors
    I'd recommend going to your local fabric store (they might even know exactly what you're talking about) but the Walmart or Hobby Lobby fabric sections will probably have tulle as well. You'll need at least 6+ yards, definitely more it's for an older child.
  3. Buy several yards of grosgrain ribbon
    How wide of a ribbon is your preference but the wider the ribbon the bigger the tulle knots that will make up the skirt. I bought 3 yards of ribbon to tie the skirt in a long, drapey bow. Again, totally your preference but for an older child you will need more tulle and ribbon.
  4. Roll each piece of tulle into one long roll.
    So if your tulle is 2 yards long, roll the width so that it remains 2 yards long but in a roll.
  5. Cut the roll into pieces
    I did 5 inch pieces. Again, totally your preference and you really can't screw it up. Smaller pieces are supposed to make the skirt fuller/poofier.
  6. Tie a knot in your ribbon with at least a couple of feet length on one side
    Ideally you would measure your little ballerina's waist to see how wide the skirt should be. But we're sneaky Santas. The great part is that the knots can always be moved and how big or small the skirt is can be adjusted at any time, even after its finished.
  7. Unroll your tulle pieces and fold them in half, one at a time
    For me, this gave me 18 inch long pieces once they were folded in half, which will be the approximate length of the skirt. Ya with me?!
  8. Take a piece at the fold and tie it to the ribbon using a slip knot.
  9. Knot the colors in whatever order you like
    Or go crazy and don't do them in any order! The only thing to remember is that tulle doesn't show a lot of color so more pieces together will make the color pop more. Again, you can add/adjust as you go.
  10. Ta-da!
    You can trim the ends to make them all even or purposefully trim some shorter to make the skirt fuller.
  11. Check out this link if you don't trust me (I wouldn't blame you)