Two months ago, most of us had no idea where this was going and its kind of crazy/amazing where we've ended up. 😬
  1. The Seth Cohen Following
    So I did watch (most) of the OC but maybe I was a little out of the loop at the time because I've been surprised by how much everyone still wants to make out with him. He repeatedly pops up in lists, often in unexpected places.
  2. We May Have Scared Off the Celebs
    Anyone else noticed that? Maybe there just isn't a huge celebrity presence here in general... which I'm okay with. But aside from our steadfasts, namely @john and @lenadunham, most celebs who were in the beta days seem to have dropped off almost the moment it went public. (Although I'm sure the actual beta-testers know better than I.)
  3. Embarrassing Stories You Might Not Tell Anywhere Else
    My personal favorite. But who saw that coming?!
  4. The 1D Following
    Okay I think this one is because I have a skewed sample. If 75% of the listers you follow are girls under the age of 24 this seems bound to happen. And @k8mcgarry is their queen. 👑
  5. The Enduring Presence of Netflix & Books
    Not surprising since a list of books or movies you love is pretty much Beginners 101. BUT the depth, variety and persistence have surprised me! Now I have so many new books to read and movies to watch, what am I still doing here?!
  6. Feminists Galore
    Which I love and actually isn't so surprising. I've never met a feminist who didn't love a good list. 😉
  7. Lots of Mommas
    But I haven't noticed many moms with little babes like me (this could be because they're all still 'grammin, young moms LOVE INSTAGRAM)... I mostly follow moms with older kids (for the record that's any child over the age of 1 from my perspective.) Which I love. Give me all your hard-earned wisdom for free and in list form!! But also, where my baby mamas at?
  8. Tales of Online Dating
    Do people also talk about their experiences on dating apps on other social media like Facebook or Twitter? Is this List App exclusive? As someone with limited dating experience and no online dating experience I truly appreciate living vicariously through all of you.
  9. The West Wing Following
    Again again again, possibly just who I tend to follow? But for a drama that's been off the air for almost 10 years, I didn't expect such faithful character ranking and episode re-capping! (And no, I'm not just talking about @mhawkeyem 😘)
  10. Lots of Doctors!
    This one I'm not so sure about. Do I just love doctors? It started with the darlingest of doctors, @aminam, but now I'm realizing I follow quite a few doctors, probably because I love a good medical drama. But I wouldn't have guessed doctors would be so into listing - teachers FOR SURE - but doctors?! What a surprise! (Do you guys totally love my blatant generalizing?)
  11. Community!
    Okay you know I have to say it. Plenty of people have already said it and said it better (@franksars, for example, just did!) but SERIOUSLY GUYS, who would have ever thought we'd end up here?! The honesty and camaraderie are what make all the rest of it so lovely.