I love the way a regional accent or slang can mess with the already oh-so screwy English language. Here are some of my Jersey faves.
  1. Jeet?
    My personal favorite. Because it's not as simple as "ya eat?" - that would be "yeet?" This phrase, fully drawn out is, "did you eat yet?" And if a mom is asking it there also an implied "sit down while I fix you something" tacked on at the end. 👌🏼
  2. Down the shore
    "You guys goin' down the shore this weekend?"
  3. Your guys's
    As in, "is this pizza your guys's?" Ugh, I am still so shamefully guilty of slipping up and using this. If only I lived further south and a simple "y'all's" would do.
  4. Hoagie
    Not a sub, hero, grinder or anything else but a hoagie.
  5. Shoobie
    Not grammatically wrong just made up and not exclusive to NJ. But we say it a lot. All I know is if you 1️⃣ Drive on the highway in the left lane going 10 under the speed limit 2️⃣ Wear socks with sandals and/or a beach chair on your back 3️⃣ Feed the seagulls 4️⃣ Act like the beach was invented for your own personal vacay, then you are a shoobie and PLEASE GO HOME. (Also thank you for helping to sustain our local economy. 😁)
  6. Love yas
    Just a tad lazy. As if saying "love you" to each person or "love you all" is just right over the edge of exhausting. My SILs even text it.
  7. Custard & Jimmies
    NOT soft serve and sprinkles. That's just gross.
  8. The "Iggles"
    My mom's parents both grew up in Philly and it has been an endless source of decades of joy for us grandkids to make my Mom-mom say "Eagles." I can't even figure out how to type it.