1. So in case you don't read every word I write (and honestly, why would you?!) let me briefly catch you up.
  2. I've been sick for most of the week. I caught a cold last week that turned into an ear infection that turned into a ruptured ear drum on NYE.
    There's a pun here somewhere about "ringing in the new year" but I can't think of it. Meh.
  3. So of course, my son also caught the same cold 4 days later and my poor sweet kiddo has a double ear infection.
  4. Meaning that what would have knocked me out for a few days and not been a big deal has dragged onnn and none of us have slept in a week.
  5. It's been a little rough.
  6. But I felt better today and my son was acting more like himself so my husband and I decided that the 3 of us should go out to dinner.
  7. Mostly because my parents are doing a small construction project in the basement and we're a little displaced in the evenings.
    Ohhh did I not mention that we currently live in my parents' basement? Yep. It's not terrible like it sounds, it's actually working pretty well for the time being. But that's a whole other story.
  8. So we decided to go Longhorn.
  9. Which, I know, sounds lame.
    Chain restaurant, not very exciting food.
  10. But Longhorn is our PLACE.
    My husband worked there for 8 years and still picks up shifts and I worked there for 3 years. Currently, my sister, brother and brother's girlfriend all work there and my husband's best friend and his fiancée pick up weekend shifts. We're friends with at least half the staff. It's our second home.
  11. I put on real pants for the first time in a week and we headed out.
  12. On the way we talked about how exhausted we are and we feel like we haven't had time to stop in at least 6 weeks.
  13. But then we had a really nice meal and got to see a lot of people we love.
  14. My brother was our server and when he gave us our check it looked like this:
    23fe958e eb80 4f87 b294 fa9be30c8524
  15. Because he paid our check.
  16. We felt SO LOVED
    I don't talk a lot about my faith here because I know that can feel pushy even when that's not the intention. But that really was Jesus showing up for us. Not because we didn't have the money to pay but because my husband and I both were feeling overwhelmed and a little over our heads. We needed to be reminded we aren't in this alone.
  17. Anyway, it made me feel so warm and fuzzy and also so proud that I have such an amazing little bro that I had to share.
  18. ☺️❤️