Sorry guys, it's just an EP.
  1. Don't Put That In Your Mouth
    My manager challenged me to start singing about the real issues in my life and after a lot of deep reflection, I chose the phrase that means the most to me. Because I say 86361 times a day. To my toddler.
  2. Cheerios, Cheerios, Cheerios
    It's a make it rain type party anthem but, with Cheerios.
  3. Chasing That Dream
    First single to be released. Deceiving title for promotional purposes. It's literally just about me trying to sleep as much as possible.
  4. Call Me Never
    Because I only text, bitches. Unless I really love you and we need to talk or you're my husband. But I'm saving those verses for the deluxe edition when I become the next Beyoncé. (Jk, no one else will ever be Queen Bey)