I generally hate endings to stories- they're almost always disappointing or cliche or sad or just... not enough. But some are just plain awful. You know what I'm talking about.
  1. How I Met Your Mother
    Or as it should be called, How I Met Your Robin and Spent 9 Years Stringing You Along. I know this isn't a universal opinion, my husband and I differ on this. He loves Robin so much that it's his perfect ending. I'm still too pissed about being hoodwinked to care. (And okay, this wasn't an I-see-dead-people kind of twist, I probably should have seen it coming. However, making me feel stupid does nothing to entice me to love your dumb finale!)
  2. Gilmore Girls
    A season (or two, depending on your opinion) of ruining everything and then you sort of tie everything up in one haphazard episode and that's ALL YOU HAVE FOR ME? AFTER I GAVE YOU EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT OF MY TEENAGE EXISTENCE?! All I can say is Netflix has a lot of fences to mend in MY HEART.
  3. Grey's Anatomy
    What's that? Grey's Anatomy hasn't ended? EXACTLY and now we'll never get the ending we deserve. And by we, I am referring to Meredith, Derek and myself. I mean, who is even left from the original first few seasons to kill off?! I was promised more than this!!! (No I wasn't)
  4. My So-Called Life
    Cut down too soon. 😩
  5. Dexter
    So, SO good. Then Season 5. And Season 6. So, SO bad. Slightly redeemed Seasons 7 & 8. Until the last 10 minutes. Ugh.
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