1. Hey y'alls, I'm heading out for a little while.
  2. 40 days to be exact.
  3. I've been trying to avoid what I've known I need to do...
  4. Give up listing for Lent.
  5. I LOVE Lent.
    I love that it's an opportunity to make space in my life. To clear out some cobwebs, put some order back and give priority to what's really important. I always think of it as spring cleaning for my soul.
  6. I don't always spend too much time listing but I definitely spend more time than I should.
    I'm like the Dos Equis man of Listing.
  7. I want to give more time and space to my commitments...
    My husband, my son, my friendships
  8. The church we're planting...
    Guys, we're planting a church with some of our best friends! My husband and I are heading up hospitality (having people at the entrances to open the doors, coffee in the lobby, etc) and we want it to be about loving people and creating an environment where people feel safe to be who they are. And it starts this month! So this is the perfect time to carve out some extra time.
  9. The things I say I'm going to do and don't...
    Read more, journal more, actually iron my poor husband's shirts
  10. And JESUS.
    I feel like I've been on autopilot since November. Between the craziness of the holidays and birthdays and my son, husband and I all switching off being sick for most of January... It's been a whirlwind. I know my heart needs some space to rest and think and be quiet and focus on truth.
  11. Our family of friends also just started going through the Psalms using this study and I want to make time for that as well.
  12. If you celebrate Easter I encourage you to celebrate Lent as well!
    It's so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day routine and forget the big picture. I love Lent and the anticipation of Easter and celebration of life and redemption.
  13. (Also, I think this may be perfect timing.)
    You can get all the GIFs out of your system and then I'll be back when things calm down. 😎
  14. Anyyyway
  15. All of that to say, starting on (Ash) Wednesday, I'm outta here.
  16. Love to you all! 💕
    I'll miss you and your lists! 😭
  17. See you soon. 👋🏼