It was bound to happen sooner or later
  1. Last night I had a dream that I went to a party/gathering/something.
    Like a BBQ maybe? Or a birthday party? The details are very blurry.
  2. I was invited by @bookishclaire and she, @LizDawson and @thecomicswife were all there.
  3. It's really not THAT surprising
  4. I read this list before bed about their super fun hang out:
  5. And was feeling a little bummed out about not participating in Secret Santa
    Damn my extensive and crippling fear of serial killers!
  6. (Although I'm loving living vicariously through all of you so please keep posting photos of your gifts when they arrive!📦🎅🏼)
  7. So Dream Me took matters into her own hands
  8. I won't try to explain the rest of the dream to you because my dreams quickly devolve into manic episodes of every half-finished thought I've had all day
    And the parts I do remember were all over the place. My grandmother was in it? I had a handheld machine that printed name tags like a label maker? Someone kept offering me places for my baby to nap but they were all dog beds?
  9. Also, strangely enough, the List Apper I DO know IRL was absent from the dream.
    Sorry @imtanjab. Miss you boo 😘
  10. Anyway, there you have it.
  11. This app is trying to infiltrate every part of my mind.