1. My son, 16 months old, just woke up crying.
    (Not the perfect part)
  2. So I went into his room...
  3. Picked him up & comforted him
  4. Changed his diaper
    Hey, why not
  5. Gave him Tylenol
    Poor babe has teeth coming in
  6. Sat in the glider with him while he snuggled in my lap and sucked his thumb
  7. Prayed for him
  8. Told him that he is safe and loved
  9. Sang to him
    Lullabies, the Beach Boys, and (per his sweet baby request of "E-I-E-I-O") several verses of Old MacDonald
  10. And then, just as I was about to stand up and put him back in his crib
  11. He turned his head and snuggled his face deeper into my shoulder
  12. THAT is the best feeling in the world that makes all other feelings bearable and, therefore, makes life perfect.
  13. 👼🏼