Inspired by @ListPrompts. It's much more than all of this but this is what came to mind when I thought about my day-to-day life.
  1. Never having true fear of the police
    I've mouthed off to a few cops and never feared the long-term repercussions. I mean, one Philly cop threatened to arrest me but I never ever feared that I would be physically harmed or charged with a crime.
  2. Knowing I'll always get the benefit of the doubt
    I'm a middle-class, well-educated white woman. I usually feel fairly confident no one will make huge negative assumptions about me, especially in a courtroom. That's a BIG DEAL.
  3. Never feeling judged by the appearance of me or my child
    I mean, definitely by other snobby moms. But in general, if I show up at the grocery store un-showered and my son has cheerio crumbs stuck to his face, no one gives me weird looks. No one seems to wonder if I'm properly caring for him or how many other kids I have or if I have a job or how I'm paying for my groceries.
  4. Not having people make huge assumptions about my culture or how I was raised
    This one isn't completely true because I was homeschooled and I'm a Christian so I do get a lot of questions. But none that have anything to do with the color of my skin. And people at least have to know me a little bit to know that I was homeschooled before they can ask anything invasive.
  5. Never wondering if I'm not getting good service because of the color of my skin.
    Or on the flip side, never wondering if I'm not getting tipped well because of the color of my skin.
  6. Never wondering if I didn't get a job because of the color of my skin.
    Not that not getting a job for any other reason feels good, but at least I can narrow it down to more legitimate reasons.
    Or my husband. Or my brothers.
  8. Assuming I'll generally receive excellent customer service (or as least as good as anyone else)
    I can walk into almost any store and be their ideal customer based solely on the way I look (except for the disposable income part, definitely don't have that)... That's POWER. That is completely unfair, illegitimate power.
  9. Eating whatever food I want, whenever I want, no questions asked.
    At best, I'm edgy and cultured. At worst, I'm perfectly normal.
  10. Knowing that (for the most part) I am free and safe to just about whatever I want.