I know this question must keep you all up at night, pondering my life, so I'm finally here with answers.
  1. Grammatically correct list titles stress me out
    FOR REALZ. Trying to properly word a title is probably the number one reason I don't write more lists. Which is why it's number one on my list.
  2. The li.st GIF game is too strong.
    @jaidub says we can save GIFs so now there are no excuses except that I'm not clever enough for this.
  3. My son
    He's doing this new thing where he'll be playing and I'm on my phone and then he brings me a book to read to him. Which is basically my DREAM come true and there's no way I'm saying no.
  4. My son again
    When he isn't being adorable he's trying to climb every piece of furniture to dizzying heights and that leaves little time for listing.
  5. Laziness
    Sometimes writing a good list is hard and I don't feel like it.
  6. Time
    I'm trying to be more present when I'm with other people, even if it's just watching Netflix with my husband, and that really cuts down on phone time.
  7. Writer's Block
    I don't know what to list about anymore. 😩
  8. I'm super into Facebook these days
    Ha. Jk.