Things have been getting a little tense around here lately. It's mostly good but still difficult at times, right? I think I know exactly who we all need to get us through this. The one and only Jennifer Lawrence. And here's why:
  1. Because she's PERFECT
  2. But more specifically, so beautiful
  3. She already tells her embarrassing stories to the world
    Just like us!
  4. She doesn't take crap
  5. She's so adorable
  6. Like, so so adorable
  7. But she's also fierce as hell
  8. And totally normal
  9. And funny
  10. She doesn't apologize for her body
  11. Everything about the honesty of this:
  12. She doesn't take herself too seriously. At all.
  13. She fights the man
  14. She just wants to dance with us
    Total embodiment of spirit of the List App community.
  15. Shall I go on?
  16. Well I can't because I can't just google images of J-Law all day (but I would if I could)
  17. But I think you get my point.