Such an insult.
  1. I saw this card yesterday at Paper Source. We all know Kendall is the #1 Kardashian/Jenner and Kylie is #5. I.e. total insult card
  2. Have I been snapping too much?
    Have I been lip syncing on snapchat?
  3. Maybe I'm over exaggerating my lip liner.
  4. Am I not doing anything productive with my time?
  5. Ok, I need to stop posting 18 photos of me in the same outfit.
  6. Did I just get back with a ex-boyfriend even though we've broken up a handful of times?
  7. Has my baby talk gotten out of control?
  8. Have I been appending my name to common words?
    Kyliner, kyshadow, etc
  9. Shit. I shouldn't have dyed my hair blonde.