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it's my twenty-fourth year. I feel good about it. here it is in pictures, updated as I go!
aka how to enjoy your Sabbath and actually rest (a skill I am trying to learn but being still is hardddd)
  1. brew your fave tea
    mine is "Read My Lips" from David's Tea (it has little lip candies in it, so it's sort of like I'm getting kissed! hahahaha i'm single and I hate it!)
  2. put on your fave record
    today mine is "When the Night" by St. Lucia (it's so good I could punch someone because I love it so much, I'm dead serious).
  3. in a favourite mug
    today mine is the one my highschool best friend got me for Christmas (taking joy in the things i own that represent people I love, as per the konmari method, namaste)
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Nobody asked for this list, nobody listens to Fall Out Boy anymore, but I've been going through a re-emo phase and needed to establish how much I unironically love this band. None of the post-hiatus stuff because it is GARBAGE! REAL FANS ONLY!!!! \m/
  1. Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes
    NOBODY WANTS TO HEAR YOU SING ABOUT TRAGEDY! (the official theme song for my entrance into teenagerdom).
  2. Hum Hallelujah
    I THOUGHT I LOVED YOU, IT WAS JUST HOW YOU LOOKED IN THE LIGHT! (the theme song for my official entrance into a weird, early-twenties identity crisis)
  3. Thriller
    FIX ME IN 45! (Jay-Z is on this song, you guys)
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  1. I went back to my hometown!
    I avoided it for five years and didn't instantaneously burst into flames when I landed! I did not die! It was for my friend's wedding and it was actually beautiful!
  2. I went on my first ever casual date with someone I actually found attractive!
    aka my first non-pity date! it went super! I got a rotato and we talked about Star Wars and bands and he was waaaay too good looking to like me, so joke's on him!
  3. I dated someone!
    Not the guy from the aforementioned date! Confusing! It was good (he is a gem of a human) but a rough time because it brought up a lot of deep-seated issues for me!
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  1. Go to a music festival
    Like a big one.
    Possibly to the aforementioned music festival?
  3. Find a mode of fitness I enjoy
    So far running and self-taught pilates are not contenders.
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I love going to shows but somehow I get really distracted and usually end up spiralling down a crazy metaphorical thought-hole. I lost my head (ayyyyyyyyyyy) a bit last night.
  1. Am I too old to be here?
    I'm 23 and can pass as 16 easily, but I wondered what people would think if they knew I was secretly an adult lady with a full-time job in the suburbs (not punk rock).
  2. Will I ever get to dance like that again, or is that time in my life gone?
    Am I past the stage where I can grab my gal pals and dance and flail with abandon to our favourite bands and just soak up the moment? Or do I have to be serious and settle down and mellow out? Is it bad that I vehemently don't want that? Does that make me immature and silly?
  3. I need to do something about my fomo
    Matty did a shpeil (shpiel? shpeel?!) before singing "Me" (!!!) where he asked us to put away our phones. It was so nice being present in that moment and not feeling afraid that I should be filming instead of just listening.
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I liked these things before they were cool and I'm here to brag about it
  1. Sufjan Stevens
    Every Christian hipster and their mom loves Suf, but how was I to know he was a household name (for a VERY specific demographic of people)? And I love him more than they do anyways. Have you read all his essays?!? I have. So there.
  2. High-waisted shorts
    I bought a pair of mom jeans in high school and cut them into shorts. I looked BOMB but all the cool people thought I was a weirdo like "where do you even get shorts that high?!" and now they're all wearing them 🙃
  3. Antiques
    I love old things because I am secretly and 80-year-old woman, but apparently antiquing is a thing many people my age do and nothing I love is unique.
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I'm watching this show for the first time and just got into season 3. I have some OPINIONS on THINGS
  1. CONS:
  2. So whiny
    Why are you so whiny? Problem-solve, ya nerd.
  3. So possessive
    Let a girl LIVE, ya weirdo.
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  1. Public speaking
    I feel like this is a character flaw. I love being up in front of people and having something to say! Especially love making people laugh. Maybe i should be a comedian. Probably not.
  2. Writing essays
    RESEARCHING IS MY JAMMY JAM. I'm all up in da library Hermione-style with a fortress of books around me, gettin' educated. Then you BEST believe I'm gonna put a mic drop worthy concluding sentence in there. Knowledge, yo.
  3. Thinkin' bout ma feels
    Some people go their whole lives avoiding "going there", but I kind of like it! It's a rush!
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