1. Static
    My dear friend and I being ~so Tumblr while seeing The 1975.
  2. Static
    A picture I sent to my mom to tell her I was treating my acid reflux. Tried to get to a clinic this week to get a prescription but the five near my house were all full for the day 🙃
  3. Static
    Went and got sushi with my friend and was reflecting on how crazy it is that we both moved across the country to the same city and how much better this place is than our hometown. Note the palm tree.
  4. Static
    A picture of my dog (Nelson) that my Dad sent to me with the caption "I am Imenhotep - architect for the pharoah." I simply cannot eeeevennnnn.
  5. Static
    A very old photo of me roasting a marshmallow with my Momma, Grandma and my Grandfather ❤️ (ft. my iconic bowlcut swag)