because shows are cheaper than therapy, right?
  1. Death Cab for Cutie
    They played Transatlanticism (which was jarringly unexpected to me). It was the the song I used to listen to on the Greyhound in university when I travelled down the island to see my Grandfather in the palliative care ward. I was wearing his giant hand-me-down denim shirt at the show.
  2. Mumford & Sons
    Because I was in a funk and only wanted to hear "Sigh No More". I learned to hold setlist expectations lightly. They didn't play it. (IT'S THE NAME OF THEIR ALBUM THOUGH?! Why not, Mumfy?!?!)
  3. Bastille
    "Weight of Living Pt.II" was my learning-to-become-an-adult-induced existential depression jam. I skipped class and sat 6 hours in the rain with a bunch of teenagers to get front row. Dan Smith (the love of my life?) stood right in front of me and sang it at my face. I felt like I had made it, in some weird way.
    this show was an endless parade of tears from me and literally everyone around me. half the show was spent watching the shoulders of the people around me quivering as they sobbed. (also suf is my hero and being in the same room as him was a LOT).
  5. Needtobreathe
    Vowed to not like this band in high school because I thought they were basic. Ended up binge-listening to them in my first year of design school in the secrecy of my dorm room, late at night. The song "Keep Your Eyes Open" was especially comforting when dealing with the panic of realizing how big a deal it was that I had left home and moved 5000 km away on my own. Cried because it felt like I had made it, in some weird way.