is this bad?
  1. Public speaking
    I feel like this is a character flaw. I love being up in front of people and having something to say! Especially love making people laugh. Maybe i should be a comedian. Probably not.
  2. Writing essays
    RESEARCHING IS MY JAMMY JAM. I'm all up in da library Hermione-style with a fortress of books around me, gettin' educated. Then you BEST believe I'm gonna put a mic drop worthy concluding sentence in there. Knowledge, yo.
  3. Thinkin' bout ma feels
    Some people go their whole lives avoiding "going there", but I kind of like it! It's a rush!
  4. Cleaning the bathroom
    Bathrooms are my favourite place to clean! I have 0 speculations for why this may be, but it's soooo satisfying (especially cleaning toilets, which I acknowledge is not only weird, but also kinda gross).
  5. Going to the dentist
    Super clean teeth? YES PLEASE! Also free toothbrush. It's like a spa for your face!
  6. Grocery shopping
    You get to buy food (YAY FOOD) AND you get to plan/organize your life. Sign me up! It also makes me feel like a real adult who Martha Stewart would be proud of, which is a standard of excellence I strive for.