I liked these things before they were cool and I'm here to brag about it
  1. Sufjan Stevens
    Every Christian hipster and their mom loves Suf, but how was I to know he was a household name (for a VERY specific demographic of people)? And I love him more than they do anyways. Have you read all his essays?!? I have. So there.
  2. High-waisted shorts
    I bought a pair of mom jeans in high school and cut them into shorts. I looked BOMB but all the cool people thought I was a weirdo like "where do you even get shorts that high?!" and now they're all wearing them 🙃
  3. Antiques
    I love old things because I am secretly and 80-year-old woman, but apparently antiquing is a thing many people my age do and nothing I love is unique.
  4. Ombre
    I got my first ombre on a whim like, six years ago for no reason and nobody understood why my hair was that way and were constantly asking me if I was growing out my bleached hair and now literally every human in the world has it.
  5. Big eyebrows
    I was born with them and tried very hard to tame them until eventually I gave up and embraced the bold brows my ancestors handed me. Now they're high-fashion and cool models wear them way better than I do and can I just have ONE THING, models?!?!?!
  6. Handlettering
    I got into brush and hand lettering early on in university and tried to develop my skill through studying it intently and now every Instagram mom does it in their spare time and it's not cool anymore. I now have this skill for NOTHINGGGG.
  7. Graphic design in general, really
    I have a degree in design. I work full-time as a designer. I don't just like it casually and appreciate it for the yolos or dabble with little design projects on the side. It is my LIVELIHOOD. Not a fad, people! And I really love design theory and take it super (too) seriously and wish people knew it's srs bsns, not just making things pretty.
  8. Nutella
    I put that stuff on everything (it's a problem)(save me).