I wish I lived even closer to NYC. I'll be adding shows over time as I see more of them. Listed in order of my favorite to least.
  1. Les Miserables
    Ramin Karimloo everybody. The whole cast was amazing, but Ramin. My favorite thing to look at and he has the voice of an angel (The Angel of Music, HA.) I actually met him after the show (and almost died of excitement in the process) and he is just THE nicest guy.
  2. Phantom of the Opera
    I had the worst seats ever for this one, the end of the very last row of the highest balcony, but it still didn't even matter. Phantom still became my favorite musical ever, anyway. Music of the Night 4E. (Also Ramin & Sierra in the gif because they're my life)
  3. Mamma Mia
    This was actually my very first Broadway musical, way back in 2003 on a school trip. It was one of the most fun shows I have ever experienced to this day. The entire audience was standing up dancing in our seats and the aisles by the end. And we sang ABBA the entire bus ride home. Our chaperones loved us.
  4. Beauty and the Beast
    THE Best seats I have ever had for a Broadway show, front &center in the very first row directly behind the conductor of the orchestra. The show itself was amazing (obviously) but the orchestra absolutely made the whole show. We talked to the conductor &various orchestra members at the beginning, intermission &end of the show. They were so friendly and wonderful. It goes to show that if you pay for the best seats in the house, you do get the best. One of my favorite Broadway experiences.
  5. The Lion King
    Simply, an amazing show. The way scenes were executed is still mind blowing to me. The costumes are so elaborate. I love how even though all of the characters are animals in the movie, they just totally make it work in the stage show. Zazu was the scene stealer of this show for me. I'd love to see it again.
  6. Wicked (x2)
    I am an Oz fanatic. Just to see the characters of Oz and their side of the story is such a treat. The actual set is so cool. It's designed like a clock and rotates all different ways into different scenes, sometimes even in the middle of songs. "I have been changed For Good" because of this show. These are some of my all-time favorite showtunes.
  7. Movin' Out
    Just how Mamma Mia is a musical worked out of ABBA songs, Movin' Out is a musical worked out of Billy Joel songs... AND IT'S AMAZING. This is how Scenes From an Italian Restaurant became my favorite Billy Joel song. Why hasn't this been made into a movie yet?!
  8. The Addams Family
    Everyone loves the Addams Family because they're creepy and they're kooky, but I love them because THEIR SONGS ARE SO GOOD. I feel like the song One Normal Night could quite possibly be about my family. And Nathan Lane, Bebe Neuwirth & Krysta Rodriguez as Gomez, Morticia and Wednesday were all marvelous.
  9. Mary Poppins
    Anyone who knows me, knows that I am obsessed with Mary Poppins almost to the point of being unhealthy (QUEEN JULIE ANDREWS.) That being said, Ashley Brown who played Mary in the stage version acted as though Mary was full of herself, and that's just not how Mary is. That's just me being too critical from reading the books and knowing everything Poppins. The play was actually very good though. Ashley definitely looked the part and could definitely sing. Gavin Lee as Bert made the whole show.
  10. The Book of Morman
    Absolutely hilarious and absolutely not for children. I love that it comes with an explicit content warning. The Star Wars references were off the hook and Ben Platt was the best part of the whole show for me.
  11. Aladdin
    Everything Disney is great. My favorite thing about the whole musical is that Jonathan Freeman who voiced Jafar in the movie played Jafar on stage. The audience was actually able to see how evil Jafar they know as a cartoon would act in real life. James Monroe Iglehart was perfect as the genie. My 2 negative comments are that I wasn't a fan of Courtney Reed's voice and that Abu was no where to be found. The Lion King makes Zazu as a sidekick work on stage, why not Abu? Still a great show though.
  12. Spamalot
    Everything Monty Python is hilarious and this was no exception. I also saw this one on a school trip so our chaperones loved us scream singing "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" the whole bus ride home.
  13. A Christmas Story
    It's the same story as the movie we all know and love but they add a wonderful moral to the story at the end: love your parents and family around the holidays while you can since these times won't last forever. Everyone in my family seeing the show with me was a crying mess, including myself.
  14. South Pacific
    Rogers and Hammerstein, such a classic. This was the first time I was ever at The Met and the first I ever saw anything South Pacific, never even saw the movie before this. It was just absolutely wonderful.
  15. Tarzan
    While this was my least favorite of any of the Disney musicals on Broadway, by no means was it bad. All of the music was great, and this stage was one of my favorite sets. Obviously set in the jungle, the set designer made it seem as though the actors were coming out of the walls like they were coming through trees and vines. It gave the appearance that the stage was much bigger than it actually was and had a jungle feel. It made the atmosphere of the jungle feel real.