Fleetwood Mac is my favorite band. These are my personal favorite versions Fleetwood Mac songs. (aka, I like The Dance a lot!)
  1. Gypsy (Mirage)
  2. Landslide (The Dance)
  3. Never Going Back Again (Rumours)
  4. Rhiannon (The Dance)
  5. Go Your Own Way (Rumours)
  6. Don't Stop (The Dance)
  7. No Questions Asked (Greatest Hits)
  8. Bleed to Love Her (The Dance)
  9. Sliver Springs (The Dance)
  10. Say You Love Me (The Dance)
  11. When I See You Again (Tango in the Night)
  12. Sweet Girl (The Dance)
  13. Paper Doll (The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac)
  14. Little Lies (Tango in the Night)
  15. Gold Dust Woman (Rumours)
  16. Welcome to the Room (Sara) (Tango in the Night)
  17. Everywhere (Tango in the Night)
  18. Big Love (The Dance)
  19. Skies the Limit (Behind the Mask)
  20. Second Hand News (Rumours)
  21. I Know I'm Not Wrong (Tusk)
  22. I Don't Wanna Know (Rumours)
  23. World Turning (Fleetwood Mac)
  24. Tusk (Tusk)
  25. The Chain (Rumours)
  26. I'm So Afraid (The Dance)
  27. Goodbye Baby (Say You Will)
  28. Without You (Extended Play)
  29. Seven Wonders (Tango in the Night)
  30. Empire State (Mirage)
  31. Giphy