Ok, things that I regularly ask myself as a competition dancer.
  1. I washed my hair twice already, why is there still glitter in it?
  2. Shit, where are my good pairs of tights with no runners?
  3. Why am I so old?
  4. Is she really making me do that part?
  5. Why are my turns perfect some days, but they mostly suck?
  6. Why are my dance paws ripped already?
  7. Where the hell are my earrings?
  8. Why do I have to stay for awards? I'm old.
  9. Why the hell do I have to wake up this early for three 2 minute & 30 second routines?
  10. I bought a 100 pack of bobby pins, how do I have 4 left?
  11. Why do I always get lost on the way to competition?
  13. Why is our hotel so far away from the competition?
  14. Why is the last awards ceremony so late at night? I'm old.
  15. How am I going to fit this 6ft flag in my car?
  16. Where are my fake eyelashes?
  17. Why do I suck at everything?
  18. Entry fees this year are HOW MUCH?!
  19. When do we have time to eat?
  20. Where are my friends so we can have a competition heart to heart?
  21. Can we go stretch together?
  22. Why are my friends so talented?
  23. What would I do without dance?
  24. How did I get so lucky to have these amazing people as my friends?
  25. Giphy
  26. Giphy