1. Find the creepiest genre of fan fiction available for consumption on the Internet.
    I feel like anything with a Glee / Kardashian cross over might win every single time. Especially when Kanye makes his entrance.
  2. Get drunk
    And then go to bed. Cos that's where wine takes me every damn night.
  3. Binge watch TV series
    Coincidentally I had both seventh heaven and the Cosby show on my to-watch list on Hulu. Seems too soon.
  4. Go to bed
    And drink wine until lights out.
  5. Google myself
    That sounds rude. What I actually mean is that I should do an ego search for my name on the Internet. It's amazing what creepy things have sullied my good name.
  6. Eat dip
    I guess I just love dip so much that I felt it's only just that it got its own mention. Maybe it deserves its own list.
  7. Study
    Lol Jks.