Honestly. Wtf was that?!
  1. When James Cordon Stopped "Rapping"
    He pretends his raps are supposed to sound this whack yet he takes such great pride in them and raps so often that one begins to believe he is showing off his "mad skills" I was happy when it was over. I suffer second hand embarrassment too easily.
  2. Bruno Mars Performance of "That's What I Like"
    Honestly I don't think anyone can do it like he can. Sometimes less is more. You don't have to appear like you to do a whole... thing... just to entertain.
  3. Paris Jackson presenting.
    7 or 8 yrs ago she presented an award at 10 as a sweet little girl who just lost her father. Now she's almost 19 and has turned in to a stunning woman. Love her to bits!
  4. Bruno Mars for Prince
    Oh, No! Let's go crazy! Let's get loud!
  5. The furore concerning Chrissy Teigens green fingers.
    Was she going to be able to remove the fun dip in time? Was she going to have to paint her entire body green like Elphaba or The Hulk?! The suspense was intense!