But funnily enough it seems to be rocket science.
  1. Compassion has no limit.
  2. I feel great compassion for what has happened in France.
  3. I can, at the very same time, feel bursting compassion for what happened in Beruit without someone chiding me and schooling me on the awful ways of the western media 🙄
  4. It's dumb to berate someone for feeling sad over an unfortunate incident involving a celeb or a noteworthy identity by pointing out an equally unfortunate incident happening to someone who is not a house hold name. I can feel compassion for both without you butting in, thank you!
  5. Yes. There are starving children in third world countries but that doesn't mean I need to feel less empathy for someone who is suffering depression or some other kind of incurable (but perhaps manageable) illness.
  6. My compassion can be doled out to as little people or to as many people as I so desire. I don't need the moral police to tell me who I should feel more sorry for. 👮🏼
  7. Compassion has no limit.
    I pray for all suffering on a daily basis.