I just spent a week in Sunshine Coast, Queensland
  1. Stand up Paddle Boarding
    I stood up on a board on top of a body of water that I'm not sure Jaws pt 3 didn't live in. I should mention I was without life jacket, can barely swim and there were bright blue jelly fish floating under my board. Australia is no fucking joke, mate.
  2. Got Drunk & Took A Midnight Spa With My Equal-Part Cousin
    I stumbled up steps. Down steps. Told old men that no, I wouldn't be behaving myself. Put on beer hat and wore sun glasses in the bath and laughed so hard at nothing that we both almost pissed ourselves.
  3. Got Matching Tattoos
    Sheep doodles. Literally speaking. You may be asking what this means? It means nothing. Tattoos don't always have to mean shit, you know.
  4. Ate Ice Cream.
    Ben and Jerrys, Baskin Robbins, Gelato.... it's alllll good.
  5. Swam In A Sick Pool
  6. Played a FRIENDS drinking game.
    That lasted about five min and then we upgraded to drinking more without the game.
  7. Went Through A Lot Of Toilet Paper
    We were playing wheel of fortune and pretending the toilet roll was our way to top dollar. Jk. We just had to get rid of a LOT of waste. ☠️
  8. Cocktails
    Basically it was a week bender.
  9. Caught Up With Family And Other Besties
    This is a pic of me and my paternal grandmother. I call her Nana Razz after madam Razz from She-Ra
  10. Pointless Shit That Seemed Hysterical In The Moment.
  11. Tried to Figure Out A Way To Procure A Pony Cycle To Get Around On
    No shit. All this is missing is a storage spot under the saddle for our alcohol.