Feel free to add your own.
  1. Going to a social event where you only know the host.
    That works out well, doesn't it? Hosts are always busy being the perfectly adjusted and social butterfly that they are and don't get a monkeys ass of a chance to even look your way. And no one else knows you so they don't approach you and you awkwardly sit on your phone looking rude and as disinterested as you really are
  2. Having to make up constant excuses to avoid important social events.
    Weddings. Birthday dinners. Engagement parties. Baby showers. Anniversaries. Work functions.
  3. Being expected to go to events when you are clearly distressed by the very idea.
    If someone told me that they didn't want to sky dive because they were incredibly put off by heights and that the idea of it made them feel anxiety for weeks, I'd let it go. I would accept that it's not for them..... See where I'm going with this?
  4. Explain to "normal" people why being a homebody isn't boring to you and that your life is just as fulfilled as theirs.
    Yeah tell me how drinking yourself in to a stupor every Saturday night is more amazing than me staying in to read books and play Xbox ? At least I'll still have money by the end of the night and my liver will still mostly be intact.
  5. Having to spoon feed my sense of humor to those who don't possess one.
    Jokes aren't funny when you have to explain them twelve times over.
  6. Suffer stupidity
    I can't even pretend to not be irate by stupid people.
  7. Getting to know more people
    Sometimes I feel like I want more friends. But then I think of the social obligations that that brings and then I reconsider.