Don't worry, visual aids included. 💩
  1. "Protein" balls
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    When you open the cupboard and realise you have a rodent cohabitation going on.
  2. Avocado pesto
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    For when you've drank way too much and you have been constipated for three days proceeding the hangover.
  3. Nutella
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    When you've had too much yeast in your diet. Hope you have at least five rolls of toilet paper and a bidet.
  4. Hummus
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    I believe we referred to this pasty little number as "grog bog" in our earlier years....
  5. Cookies
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    It's like when a dog dumps in the backyard and it dries out and you have to try to dislodge it from grass blades when it's crunchy and breakable.
  6. Kiflis
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    Similar to the former. Except this is where the dog dung has been sitting for so long that it's become like uneaten chocolate: white and chalky. Whaaat
  7. Protein Bar
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    When you don't have enough fibre and your leavings develop harsh edges.