1. P!nk fans
    I think it's the ill-fitting band tshirts that they roam around in. They are not one-size-fits-all, people.
  2. People who share inspirational quotes all day long and smile too much.
    I'm not jealous, I just think it's incredibly inauthentic to shit rainbows and butterflies all day long. Sometimes life commands you to feel crap and cry. A lot.
  3. Facebook users who post PDA.
    I'm sure your sweetie is not a total douche all the time but I don't want to see you and your s/o making out in your profile pic. You're not 14.......are you?
  4. Clean eaters
    it's not a science. It's just a fancy buzz phrase for EATING VEGETABLES. surely you don't need to buy in to someone's $229 8wk clean eating challenge to find this out?
  5. People who use buy/swap/sell pages to sell things for under $2
    I'll pay you two dollarydoos if you'll chuck it in the bin.
  6. People who don't mind someone else's feet touching them.
    I hold a heathy distrust of these kinds