List inspired by @onecrafdiygirl
  1. Yazoo
    One of the originals, though they expanded and moved to a new taproom in the Gulch a few years back. Go on the tour and learn the origin story of Dos Perros, one of the rare summer-appropriate dark beers (and my first favorite craft beer). They're always coming up with something new with their Hop Project line, and though you can find their pale ale, hefe and my go-to, Gerst, at just about any Nashville bar/restaurant, they also have quite a few brewery exclusives.
  2. Blackstone
    The only other Nashville original that's been around since before I could legally drink (10+ years). It's on West End, and a good place to take families since it's more a restaurant that happens to brew its own beer. I'm a fan of the nut brown and hanging out in the comfy chairs in the lounge area.
  3. Czann's
    Pronounced Zahn's, they're in kind of a weird spot downtown near the bus station, not a hugely trafficked area since it's several blocks south of Broadway, and the taproom is pretty tiny. But! their pale ale overtook Yazoo as my favorite (and is available at pubs all over Nashville), and at the taproom you can order 312 pizza, Chicago-style thin crust (deep dish is only at their location in Germantown), and be honest, is anything better than beer and pizza?
  4. Black Abbey
    Down in Berry Hill, we have a monastery-inspired taproom. Also pretty small – one room with picnic tables – they have some of the best beers in town. If you like lighter brews, the Rose is one of my favorites. (If you like dark beers, try the Potus 44, a porter.) Plus, it's available at bars all around town and by the can as of this spring.
  5. Southern Grist
    This is tucked in East Nashville at the corner of Porter and Greenwood (and is walking distance from my old house, womp womp). You can get tastings for $2 each, so this flight of four was $8. I liked the sour and pale ale best, but they have a dozen or so beers on tap, including double IPA, two kinds of saison and a weird one called a Broconut that tastes like sunscreen (in case you like Malibu rum). You can also get 312 pizza here, and other snacks include pimento cheese, so I'm sold.
  6. Jackalope
    This one is on 8th kind of near the Gulch. Their spring beer, Lovebird, is one of my favorites, as is their Bearwalker Brown, which has a maple-y flavor, and Thunder Ann pale ale, which you can get by the can. It's also Nashville's first female-owned brewery, so yay. They also host a Beer & Cheese tasting for the nonprofit I work with (, so extra love to them.
  7. I haven't been to these others, but:
    Tennessee Brew Works, Little Harpeth, Smith & Lentz are all on my list. As is a road trip to Calfkiller in Sparta.