I just saw a recipe for a cocktail that included Apple Pucker and had a horrible flashback to early college (2002-ish)
  1. Watermelon Pucker
    It's like a Warhead but in liqueur form.
  2. Apple Pie Shots
    Sprinkle a shot of apple vodka with cinnamon sugar. Spray whipped cream from the can into your mouth before taking the shot. Related: I gained 19 pounds my freshman year.
  3. Irish Car Bombs (or bombs of any sort)
    My friend missed ringing in her 21st birthday at midnight by drinking three of these at 11 p.m.
  4. Jäger
    I mean, it's cough syrup. Doctor pepper without the fizz. Whyyyy
  5. Goldschlager
    Before Fireball was a thing, we thought our cinnamon-flavored liquor needed gold flecks in it.
  6. Boone's Farm
    Fuzzy navel, etc.
  7. Smirnoff Ice/Bacardi Silver
    I only drank Zima once in high school, so it doesn't qualify for this list.
  8. Natty Light
    Ok, I might have accidentally had one of these recently.
  9. Steel Reserve
    Cheap beer, higher alcohol content, worst taste.
  10. PGA
    Pure grain alcohol, aka Everclear. Thirtysomethings don't drink jungle juice/hunch punch/whatever you call PGA + Kool-Aid. Do we?