5 Snapchat Photos From My Phone, Chosen At Random.

Ok, that's a lie. I curated this list from the few snaps I have kept ...and I chose 14 because 5 is so passé. 💁🏻
  1. First snap, bitchessss
    Also when you don't know how to move the text bar!
  2. Refusing to leave LA
    I literally could not go into the Departure Hall at LAX. I wasn't ready to leave.
  3. Reality makes you sick!
    Keeping it real on my snap. Clearly still a novice! So many filters, just not the right ones!
  4. I drank myself back to reality
    Note, this tee was a popular choice that week.
  5. Trying to escape my reality..
    Sometimes you need a snap photographer to truly capture the moment!
  6. Escaped it.. went to Bali
    Day one, sans tan.
  7. Then come home and distract yourself with OPRAH freaking WINFREY
  8. Then reality hits and you get drunk and need a cure!
    This coffee house is called 'The Cure'
  9. Then you find the makeup filter and life improves
    And you reenact Top Gun with your sister.
  10. And then teach your niece how to be a narcissist
    Truly though, I'll have to watch this one. She has a thing for mirrors!
  11. Then you day-dream about your next trip to the States
    and you wonder if @jeremysomething is gonna come good on his word to @jpbateson and you 🤔😉
  12. And when all else fails, you still have Puppy Love.
    She is such a lover, wonder where she gets that from?!
  13. Then you sink to full out despair one day
    And find a filter that allows you to live out your eyebrow goals
  14. And some nights you're like, fuck it, I'mma gonna tell my peeps I'm listening to Harry Potter (again!)