A Bit About RN

Ok, it's a bit about tonight.. but it may as well be rn, bc it feels so momentous.
  1. slow barbecued tandoori chicken.
    my uncle really needs to go on masterchef.
  2. It's all about the Pokemon Go.
  3. lipstick madness.
    but really, it's amazing. Like, ah-mazing amazing!
  4. slice o' life.
    my heritage. slice is life.
  5. Laughing at my Mexican love affair.
    Love that filthy chihuahua.
  6. I made red velvet skillet brownie.. but didn't really take any pics ..
  7. my aunt, my love.
    on the same wavelength since 1988. Love her with every ounce of my being.
  8. cheers Winter! This is what I think of your 9C stormy weekend!
    bikini, trackpants and a beanie.. high-end fashion.