A Guide To Dating Me.

Felt like a strange @list prompt to get, yet this week seems perfect to get hypothetical! Happy Valentine's, lovers 💋
  1. If I'm into you, I'll ask you. If I'm really into you, I'll expect you to pick up on those giant hints I've been dropping and you ask me.
  2. Unless you're a producer for The Bachelor, don't try to go extravagant on a date. Let's just drive somewhere, play some tunes, crack a bottle of something* and talk about the universe.
    *Don't cheap me on the bottle and you're gonna wanna feed me, I get hangry! Take-out is perfect!
  3. Come prepared. If I'm into you, I don't mess around. I don't adhere to 'rules'.
  4. I'm not at all high maintenance, I do like to know where I stand though. Drop a line the next day (fuck the rules!) and let me know if we're on!