A Quokka Selfie: The Making Of.

The quokka is a marsupial that gained internet popularity by having taking selfies with tourists! This is how to get one! [apparently I've already listed about quokka!.. No Shit They're Happy!.. Why Quokkas Selfie.]
  1. Arriving on the mainland to go in search of the Western Australian bound marsupials.
    Quokkas live only in Western Australia!
  2. They can be hard to spot as they blend in to their surrounds. They are mostly timid creatures and friendly enough to get close to.
  3. Not loved by all though. Still not entirely sure who this sign serves or is for.
  4. The man of the hour. Time to get low!
  5. The best selfies are taken near the bakery where the quokka are most compliant.
    Note: we did not feed any quokka for the making of this list. That strawberry was already there!
  6. @Wordforword83 was even lucky enough to get a smiling quokka for her selfie! This photo is 100% legit. I promise you.
  7. For more quokka selfie fun check out the 10k strong tag on IG. #quokkaselfie