Adventures of a Pseudo-Mum: Day One

A photo diary: Aunt Jess, the Pseudo-Mum. While my cousin is taking a well deserved break in Santorini with the rest of her family I am in possession of her 3 minis for 5 days.
  1. Day 1: Shopping for FIVE!
    I usually shop every few days, as we need it.. for TWO. This is shopping for five! I even wrote out a daily meal plan. I think this is what they call adulting!
  2. Day 1: baby @tonyhawk in the making
    T-Boss rocking it at 3!
  3. Day 1: nailed school pick ups!
    I held up the other cars in the drive through for this selfie!
  4. Day 1: chasing missy down in the park.
    she doesn't like to give back the ball! Trust issues!
  5. Day 1: proudest moment was when the middle mini promptly went to my study to do her homework the minute we got home.
    Made my heart swell.
  6. Day 1: the greatest reward a pseudo-mum can hear.. "I really love it!", says the three year old about my made-from-scratch butter chicken.
    Bless. I love you T-Boss
  7. All were off to la la land by 8pm and I enjoyed my needed down-time with @Lisa_Fav!
    Lesson of the day: children need boundaries!