Adventures of a Pseudo-Mum: Day Three

A photo diary: Aunt Jess, the Pseudo-Mum. While my cousin is taking a well deserved break in Santorini with the rest of her family, I am in possession of her 3 minis for 5 days.
  1. We started today with this bad-ass sunrise.. man, I love it down here. It's so relaxing..
  2. Until! There was a kangaroo trapped in the yard and we needed to wrangle it out via one gate. My dog, Missy, insisted on hounding it down and 'playing' with it.
    It was actually a little frightening because kangaroos fight to the death and Missy was really going for it. Thankfully the 'roo was a submissive baby and I finally got Missy controlled. I still hadn't had coffee. 😖
  3. Whilst we wrangled the 'roo we picked mandarins!
    Let's remember, this is pre-coffee with elevated endorphins! What a crazy start to the morning!
  4. Thanks to the awesome list below from @k8zinker ... I organised some activities! Make your own lunch. They loved making sushi!
    Thanks for all your awesome advice, Kate.. here is her list >> PRO-MOTHER TIPS TO A NON-MOTHER WHO HAS TO NANNY 3 KIDS UNDER 9 FOR A WEEK
  5. After settling the kids in front of a movie for some afternoon rest time, I went and played with child #4, Missy The Kangaroo Wrangler.
    Meanwhile Daniel is out purchasing me some much needed Merlot from a nearby winery.
  6. More activities, from the 54 piece to the 294 piece puzzle and rekindling my love of the jigsaw!
    Corner first, then sides.. then freestyle it, baby!
  7. Sometimes T-Boss just needs the loving cuddles only an older sister can give.. and sometimes he gets a bit pissed at me for enforcing rest time.
    The mini won out this time.
  8. This is how I dealt with the defeat.
    And some comforting words from @shanaz - real mother of the year (aka cool mom!)
  9. Spaghetti by the fire.. followed by a dance off.. followed by the first round of marshmallow roasting so T-Boss could enjoy it.. then bath time for the little man.. then bed!
  10. Fake Mother Of The Year Award for best settling of an underslept, over sugared, fresh off the dance floor toddler with no tears (by either he or I) goes to... ME!
    Hello, Merlot!
  11. dirty s'more, feral child!
    ..this here, is my god-daughter!! Sassy by name and nature!
  12. Extended bed-time for the girls because they are just so god-damn amazing.
  13. Lessons Learned: my dog believes kangaroos are play-mates... my dog does not respond to my guttural screams.. kangaroos are essentially unintelligent.
  14. Lesson Learned: marathon training is less taxing than mothering three minis.
  15. Lesson Learned: I really enjoy doing puzzles!
    Or lesson re-learned, in this case.
  16. Lesson Learned: sometimes a white lie to a three year old goes a long way to ensure a peaceful bed-time.