Alcohol, Chronologically

I was socialised with alcohol from a young age. It was never abused in my family and social settings so I have a fairly healthy association with it my whole life for which I'm grateful. Here's my alcohol journey!
  1. <15: whatever my cousins, sister, Dad or uncles gave me! Beer, wine, the odd shot of liquor!
    Never a frequent occurrence!
  2. 16 - 18: Vodka and Smirnoff mixers and other lolly-liquors!
    I only ever drank it straight to drown my sorrows.. this was a rarity but it did happen. It was a hard time in my life.
  3. 18 - 21: illusion cocktail shots and jugs.
    OML I remember that club drink like it was yesterday!
  4. 21-24: unwooded-fucking-chardonnay
    I had to go there. Won't be going back. Let's not talk about it.
  5. 22+: vodka-lime-soda
    Ahh bless. Back to vodka! Still my go to for when I don't want to get too drunk!
  6. 24-29+: other white wine varietals, like sem-sav-blanc combinations.
    Thank god for moving on from Chardonnay. I don't drink a lot of white wine anymore but a chilled glass of SSB can be perfection with a carbonara!
  7. 25+: Beer I just realised beer isn't on here.. hmm.. not sure when I started drinking beer. More so into my later twenties did I start enjoying it.
  8. 25-30: started my red wine journey with Merlot and merlot combinations.
    I feel like I started drinking red when I became an Events Manager! Merlot is such a great starter for liking the red varietals.
  9. 27+: mojitos
    Honestly, such a blessing on a hot summers day here in Perth.
  10. 30+: Shiraz
    I graduated to Shiraz eventually and still my fave red. Although I'm really loving GSM these days too. Shiraz really is the grand-daddy of the red family. I'm silverfoxing the reds ;)
  11. 32+: champagne
    [nb: NOT sparkling!] brother-in-law got me onto champagne. Never gone back. It's the any-time-of-the-day, celebrate-it-being-Thursday kind of alcohol. Mmmmm.
  12. 33-ish+ Martinis (thanks for the reminder @nikkilounoel!). It's the only alcohol I've been blind drunk on and been able to drink again with ease.
  13. 35+: whiskey + whisky
    See, I know the difference and so far prefer whiskey from the Scottish isles. I felt I needed to learn more sophisticated beverages, you know, the older I got.
  14. 36+: liquor cocktails like an old fashioned, or whatever is on the board at my local.
    Cocktails are stupid expensive here in Perth and ridiculously artisan.. made well though, exquisite. I know a place (literally) 3 doors down. It's not an every week treat anymore!
  15. Any suggestions for things I might need to try, get into etc?
    I'm not great with your bitters like tonic water based drinks (i.e. G+T)