All My Sisters.

  1. I am one of 11 grand-daughters, with no guys in our generation line.
  2. Both sides of my families are fun-loving and liberal of mind, body and spirit. Christmas parties are outrageous.
    I had to leave one early once and the picture texts I received on my travels home even made me blush!
  3. We have a really close bond and relate more as sisters than cousins.
    On Dads side we're closer in age; 40-34 and on Mums side it's 39-21, but the age gap feels irrelevant.
  4. Very often, the conversation is explicit, yet fun-natured.
  5. Very often we'll consult on body changes, differences, commonalities.
    It's not uncommon for a topic to be raised and 'mass inspections' of said topic to take place. We are women across a decent age range, mums, non-mums and a variety of different body shapes, sizes and heights.
  6. Very often we'll celebrate nudity and speak liberally of sex and pleasure
    And almost always in a fun way, never in a serious "dear doctor" kind of way.. unless something is actually wrong.
  7. Very often I'll receive partially nudie snapchats and more discretely return them (I'm not so trusting of the internet!)
    I love that the girls are confident to celebrate their bodies.
  8. Very often this can be confronting to those who are not so liberal. I am sensitive to this. I understand that not everyone was raised this way!
  9. The thing is, I would much rather promote my sister-cousins to embrace proudly who they are, worship and nurture the bodies they have and feel comfortable to speak of their sexuality than not.
  10. I would much prefer that they don't covet their desire as a taboo pleasure and instead be fully expressed and confident ladies.
  11. I am 100% aware of my responsibility to my girls and who I am impacts them. I am their older sister-cousin who is in full support of them.
  12. So if I ever list about my sisters or cousins, you now have context.