All Things Hot And Saucy.. with Shanaz!

Alt title: List Friends Are The Bestest Friends: Care Package Arrived.
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    So a little way back (few weeks), @shanaz was complimenting @gabimoskowitz on her Cauliflower Buffalo Wing recipe .. and I weighed in (bc that's what you do with fam) .. and that led me to learning about..
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    Shanaz kindly offered to send me some.
    (In exchange I am sending her vegemite!)
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    Today this massive box arrived for me.. and the timing was perfect (wings for dinner!)
    I have big hands! 😏
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    And it contained more than just Frank's Red Hot Sauce..
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    Naturally, a list of the inclusions..
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    @shanaz did you know about my lust for chips?
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    This adorable ceramic shell plate
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    Taffy! Salt-freaking-Water-freaking-Taffy!
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    Adorable cards, and a travel guide for Cape Cod!
    I'm looking for financing for a Cape Cod trip and my getting to meet Shanaz in person. Apply within.
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    If I put this on my car does that make me an official Codster?!
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    Get jealous y'all.. I have a piece of Eli's lego! Yep! Suck it! It's mine!
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    .....and, the hot and saucy Frank's!
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    God Bless America(ns)!
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    Thank you my beautiful Shanaz.. your Aussie Care Package will be on its way as soon as I get these exams and assignments done (i.e., end of the week!)
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