1. As I stare at the posters on the walls of the Octagon Theatre, pre-lecture, I question myself..
  2. If actor Tom Green is performing here, why can't those I'm actually interest in, perform here?
  3. Like who, who do you want to see, hear, be inspired by, Jess?
  4. Who has any benefit from speaking to the future innovators? The learning population of Perth? The influencers of the modern day?
  5. Who has a platform in which ideas of these academics could be expressed and teach, learn and connect?
  6. {see how my thoughts tangent ☺️}
  7. Who has the wit and intelligence to capture such an audience? Who also possesses a platfo....
  8. 😳
  9. Yes. I know. I very promptly reached the same conclusion.
  10. Though I'd be outright lying if I had not thought of this invitation or at least idea before.
  11. So, @bjnovak, will you give actual and real consideration of bringing your wit, wisdom, humour and charm (see what i did there?!), to the Octagon Theatre of The University of *Western Australia?
    *and other universities around this beautiful country of ours!
  12. Please + thank you
  13. In admiration,
  14. Jess x