Are You Married?..

In the spirit of @Nicholas' 'Are you' lists...
  1. It's a beautiful day out and he opts to play {insert video game name} instead
    You're married
  2. You don't know the outcome of swiping left or right on Tinder
    You're married and don't have single friends
  3. He walks in after a hard day at work and sweeps you off your feet and makes love to you like in the movies.
    You're not married.
  4. Either one of you burp/fart and there is no mention. Or, you congratulate them for their effort.
    You're married
  5. You fail at making up pick up lines
    You're married (and have been for a while!)
  6. You'd rather be at home, in bed
    You're married
  7. You stare longingly into his/her eyes, your love unbreakable and the thought of any other doesn't enter your mind
    You're not married, or not married quite yet!
  8. "Baby, just a quickie. I need it", kind of turns you on.
    Yep, you're married!
  9. You meet one of your Top 4 (celebrity crush) and DON'T invite them up to their hotel room
    :( yep, you're married and behaving!
  10. Leave the house not wearing make up (or looking sharp)
    You're married
  11. You know he or she will 'complete you'
    You're not married (or you're newly married!)
  12. You wake to the sound of your fourth snoozed alarm, the smell of fresh brewed coffee and a peck on the forehead as he rushes off to work
    Yeah, you're married (and it's a good day!)
  13. It's a Saturday night and you're heating up soup, pouring a red wine and he's watching football
    You're married.