Requested by gigi

Australian and New Zealand Movies To Watch.

A short list (because I try to adhere to the rule of tl;dr) of lesser known films I've seen or which come highly recommended. Thanks for the request @solitarygigi (sorry it took so long!)
  1. Red Dog
    Great little movie about a dog that hitch-hiked his way into the hearts of a bunch of burley Aussie blokes hearts. Red Dog 2 just came out here, haven't seen it!
  2. Wolf Creek
    Not seen, but recommended. I don't watch these kinds of films! If you're into it, I've been told it's good.
  3. The Castle
    So many banger lines they still come up when a moment is serene, or if mum serves up some rissoles. I believe this film was Americanised for the US so that it could be understood. *The* most Aussie film in this list. By far.
  4. The Dish
    Similar style to The Castle (same creator), it irreverently and beautifully captures another lesser known (remembered) part of world history. I went to the Dish and it was such a humbling experience. Small country town, big deal!
  5. Priscilla Queen of the Desert
    A Baz Luhrman film. High colour, high energy, highly recommended. I love this film. A direct recommendation for @beefball 😘
  6. Strictly Ballroom
    Baz has been a busy man! I remember thinking this film being cute. Watch if you have time, a Baz fan or into ballroom dancing :)
  7. Chopper
    Eric Bana executed the role of one of our most notorious criminals brilliantly. He was even recommended for the role by the real Chopper Read! Worth the watch.
  8. Man From Snowy River
    Not sure if this is lesser known or not, but it's a classic for good reason. I personally can only recall one scene from it! Recommended.
  9. Hunt for the Wilderpeople
    I don't know too many NZ films. This one buried its way into my heart though. Big love for this little film. The adventures of a very unlikely duo. If for nothing else watch it for the accent!
  10. Ned Kelly
    Maybe I enjoyed this for Orlando and Heath. It was also nostalgic for me as Ned Kelly featured in a number of primary school Australian history assignments! Good movie to learn some of our history!
  11. Boy
    The New Zealanders really have a knack for making heartfelt stories fun(ny). Maybe it's the accent 🤔. This is a recommended and now I want to watch it. Is that sacrilege on Australia Day?!
  12. Looking For Alibrandi
    I loved this film. Definitely worth a watch. I just remembered it. It is fun and complicated. As a 'good catholic school girl' (back then) I was #intoit