On vacation in Ubud, Bali and this list is for all the new words/phrases we're learning. It's always our aim on vacation to learn the 'get-by' phrases and general pleasantries.
  1. Suksma - thank you
    pronounced: sook-smar // taught to us by the welcome host
  2. Mewali - you're welcome
    pronounced: meh-waa-lee // taught by our swim-up bar man
  3. Om Suasti Astu - pleasure to meet you
    Pronounced: om-su-ass-tee-ass-tu // Taught to us by our tour representative
  4. Ken Ken Kabare? - how are you?
    Pronounced: Ken-Ken kah-bar-eh // taught to us by kadek, our tour rep
  5. Becik becik - I am fine
    Pronounced: beh-chick beh-chick // taught to us by kadek