Basic B Beauty: My Latest Look

I changed up my 'look' a couple weeks ago. The BBB routine is much the same as usual, I mean, c'mon, I'm still basic!
  1. Still with the Kiehl's. It does the job.
    I get the giant tub because I use it on my neck, chest and shoulders.
  2. this coconut based concealer for my dainty under eye skin!
    I was clumsy and dropped it and it smashed and I had glass in there but I am not one to waste an expensive concealer!
  3. this brown kohl pencil is the secret to my new look.
    I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS PENCIL. Sometimes I'll use it in tandem with a pink lip pencil to help define my lip-line.
  4. I ain't born with it! I touch up my blonde tips with this phenomenal cheap mascara!
    It's so cute, I have blonde tip eyelashes! This mascara actually lifts the lash too. My lashes aren't naturally lifted.
  5. Sometimes I'll put this on before I go to bed and wake up with the softest lips in the world!
    This has to get me through for four months! I need to buy a lip brush!
  6. Total time spent on makeup: 2 minutes.
    If I'm feeling fancy, I'll add a light dust of mineral base and some eye shadow. Total time: 3 minutes.
  7. Oh! Yeah. Basic doesn't mean you can't smell pretty. I'm back with Giorgio. I wear Sì.
    I went back to Sì recently. I love love this scent. I wore Flowerbomb for a bit and it's nice, just not Sì nice.