Birthday Wish List

Just shy of a month until my birthday, here are some things I wouldn't mind receiving/having
  1. All... Any... specifically rosé.
  2. rind concentrate body balm is happiness in a tube.
  3. a glass... a bottle... not fussy, just more whisky/ey in my life.
  4. ticket to this flight in my possession.
  5. a sexy-ass sonos play:1
  6. a new Kat bra, as I wear my first one to death and need a second. Or maybe two; one of each colour.
  7. this gorgeous bag by madewell. Ugh. This is sublime. I love love the colour.
  8. and a monogrammed The Horse block wallet to put in my new madewell bag! In either grey or rose, with the monogram on the wallet (and in my maiden initials, JZ)
  9. This Rains raincoat, as beautifully modeled by my cousin (who works at this boutique). Should I get the pink? I think I might.