Let's go boating, Listers! Despite getting a tad motion sick, this is still my favourite summer activity!
  1. So many boats! My mum's partner has his penned here at South Fremantle Yacht Club
    Those clouds though, hmmmm.. 😕
  2. All aboard the Andiamo
    Yes, he's Italian too! Andiamo means "we go", or "let's go"
  3. With the captain, my mum's BF Joe.
    Aka, papa Joe, or Guisepp, or PJ
  4. Out into the Indian Ocean, headed for Carnac Island
    Carnac is a tiny little island with crystal blue water. Great for a day of frolicking and fun!
  5. Anchor is dropped, tunes on, let's hope the sun stays out!
  6. Mum and Joe talking boating things
  7. frolicking toys
  8. bombs away
    this was my mum's second attempt at burst photography.. Ahhh bless!
  9. Let's just take a moment to appreciate the quality of the water here..
  10. my fave bird showed up in majestic fashion! Hello, Mr Pelican
  11. relaxing
    Ok! This is momentous.. He (my husband) took a photo of me without me asking. 😳
  12. my happy place
    hello bubbles, my friend.
  13. nourishment
  14. So for her early 60s, my mum is hella gorgeous.
  15. Siesta time
  16. My mum is far from my 'best friend', but geeze she's good value! #beerbuddies
  17. seals!
  18. last bombie for the day!
    shit got rad!
  19. Farewell to a wonderful day on the boat..
    ...with promises to have a stay-over at Rottnest next time.