Christmas Eve Done Differently!

Beware, shit gets cray!.. Happy Holidays, lovers 🎄😘
  1. This was our 10th year of doing a themed Christmas Eve Party with my fam! My friend Steph (aka Britney, bitch!) joined us all the way from San Diego for the shenanigans. Enjoy!
  2. Welcome to the Zaffuckey Video Music Award Christmas Eve Party..
    The theme was supposed to be VMAs, a few went off-brand! None the less, a striking effort by all!
  3. Britney (Circus), Taylor (22) and Katy (Roar #1)
  4. Snoop Dogg (Drop it) + Katy.
    Missy appeared a little more Williamsburg than Snoop.. that's a joint behind her ear.. attention to detail!
  5. Orange Mocha Frappaccino!!
  6. Justin (Dick In A Box) + Katy (Roar)
  7. Costume change for Katy! (Roar #2)
  8. Madonna (Like A Prayer)
  9. She came 15,000km for this madness! #frenz
  10. Zoolander (aka Jitterbug) and Katy! Kris and I alway put in max effort and never win!!
  11. Miss Mia Wallace + Katy: off-theme, on-brand! PS. This is my mum who is a total fox.
    Mum's bf was Vincent Vega and kept a low profile (no pics 😞)
  12. Winners and the trophy! Macklemore + Britney
    'Elsa' was devastated to not win and 'Anthony Kedis' wasn't phased. Kids!!
  13. Prince + Katy. Lit.
  14. Tay, Madonna, Mia, Britney and Katy celebrating with some bubbles!
    Cheapest Veuve ever @Wordforword83! #fiscallyresponsiblechampagne!
  15. Bad Blood. Whatevs, TayTay.
  16. I got the eye of a tiger...
  17. And you're gonna hear me ROARRRRR!!
  18. end of the night hanger-on-erers!